See below for what people are saying about the SoWal Community Chaplain:

“Emily is a tremendously kind and helpful chaplain who greatly assisted me when I moved to Santa Rosa Beach this year. We met several times, and I talked to her about my passion and experience helping seniors and my business in Atlanta. She provided me with wonderful feedback and guidance as I was changing careers and bringing my Georgia senior care business to Florida. Emily is genuine, caring, and thoughtful. I am so grateful for her kindness and service and that she is here to help our community.” -Whitney Quin

“Emily is such a valuable member of our community. Her passion for helping others, especially those in search of mental health support, is an important service she provides. Emily’s kind and gentle nature makes her easy to talk to and trust. I’m so thankful to know her.” –Jeanine Rousso

“Caring & Sharing does a good job of providing food for those that struggle on the lower end of the economic scale ,however, we have not had the ability to provide the additional services that many of our clients need. That is why we are so excited about Emily Proctor joining with us to give the support that many need. Emily’s enthusiasm and devotion is inspiring and I know she be a bright light for our Community.” -Jim Rester- Board Member, Caring & Sharing