Week of Blessings

The South Walton Ministry Association is a formation of pastors and church leaders from the area’s local churches all with the collective purpose–to unite and make an impact on the community of South Walton and the town of Santa Rosa Beach.

Our annual community-wide event in May, “The Week of Blessings,” is an opportunity for all the churches to unite as Christians for the purpose of blessing our community, much like the early church did.

week-of-blessingsEach day during the week we will carry blessing to a different group—Sunday to families as we celebrate Mother’s Day in our churches:
Monday—to bless the community in its entirety through prayer and fasting.
Tuesday—participating pastors will visit several locations to pray over our community leaders and those who serve our community, especially our first responders.
Wednesday—to bless the area business leaders, county government, and community leaders by hosting a luncheon to encourage them and gather around them in prayer for and over them
Thursday— to bless our students through a baccalaureate service in which our area pastors will send our graduates off with the Lord’s blessing.

Thanks to all those who participated in this year’s events!