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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with SoWal Community Chaplain, Inc. Please letting us know a little more about you and your interests about how the chaplain can better connect people to resources by filling out this survey. Thank you!

I would like to support Caring & Sharing and the SoWal Community Chaplain by:Helping spread the word on social media and through word of mouth.Inviting the Chaplain or the Caring & Sharing Director to speak at an event.Offering the chaplain’s info to receptive employees, friends or those in need.Participating in high-commitment/high-impact poverty transformation initiativesFinancially supporting or helping with fundraising for Caring & Sharing or the SoWal ChaplaincyVolunteering at Caring & Sharing.Praying for Caring & Sharing and the Community Chaplaincy initiative.Other, please describe in the comment area below

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