About the SoWal Community Chaplain

The SoWal Community Chaplain is a nonprofit initiative that offers confidential and compassionate support, information and referrals at no cost to visitors, residents and employees of South Walton County, and works with community and faith-based organizations to increase access to care.

The Chaplain can meet with individuals in a local church, at the Hope Medical Clinic in Freeport, or in public places such as coffee shops, restaurants or libraries. The Chaplain is NOT a licensed therapist or social worker but can help those who need acute or long-term assistance find professional help.

Our mission is to provide better access to community and faith-based resources by providing information, referrals, and pastoral care and facilitating better collaboration among service providers.

…to individuals

Services provided to individuals who live, work or vacation in South Walton County:

  • Free and timely access to confidential emotional and/or spiritual support in a time of crisis, struggle or transition.
  • Help connecting self or others to community resources such as churches, nonprofits and support networks.

…to businesses, churches, nonprofits or other organizations

  • Information about local community and faith-based resources
  • Disseminating information about community resources or needs to area churches/pastors and other service providers
  • Representation of faith-based community in South Walton for regional collaborative efforts such as WCHIP (Walton County Health Improvement Partnership) and Community Organizations Active in Disasters.
  • Guest facilitation/speaking for support groups
  • Guest speaking/consultation on topics related to community resources or needs, pastoral care, conflict mediation, and poverty alleviation
  • Bringing together individuals and organizations for the sharing of information, resources, and ideas for community improvement
  • An on-call pastoral presence for crises or large scale events
  • Mediation for small-scale interpersonal conflict among staff
  • Pastoral care for staff or clients; prayer for staff, clients and mission.

Need to be connected to support or a resource? Visit our resources page or contact the Chaplain.

Do I need to be religious? 
There is no religious requirement to receive services. Spiritual counsel is available upon request, but it is not required.

Can the Chaplain assist me financially? Not directly, but she can refer individuals needing financial assistance to organizations who provide those services.

Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an emergency, is in immediate danger or is a threat to self or others, please dial 911.

Know someone who could benefit from the Chaplain’s services? Feel free to offer her contact information to family, friends, tourists, employees or co-workers in need, or contact her yourself for support in your efforts to help.

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